Marner Medhow  / Drunken Sailor 


Pyth a wren ni gul gans marner medhow? (x3)

Pur a-varr yn myttin.


Chorus: Hurrah yn ban y a sev (x3)


Gorra y’n skath hir bys divedhow, (x3)

Pur a-varr yn myttin.


Ro dhodho bana dowr ha holan, (x3)

Pur a-varr yn myttin.


Bonk y benn gans morthol terrys, (x3)

Pur a-varr yn myttin.


Gwra y dhannvon dhe log Davy Jones  (x3)

 Pur a-varr yn myttin.

English Words

What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor (x3)

Early in the morning


Chorus: Hooray and up she rises (x3)


Put him in the long boat until he’s sober (x3)

Early on the Morning


Give him a dose of salt and water (x3)

Early in the Morning


Hit him on the head with a broken hammer (x3)

Early in the morning


Send him down to Davy Jones Locker (x3)

Early in the morning. (x3)


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