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Organising a Barn Dance

How To Organise a Barn Dance


  • What sort of dances will suit your audience and will you encourage people on to the floor if this is a new experience for them

  • Think about the finish time – an evening of barn dancing is quite energetic!Are there things you would like to plan in such as a cutting a birthday cake, the first dance for newly married couple, a raffle, the arrival of pasties.
  • We normally find that two spots of an hour each with a half an hour break in the middle works well.
  • Book a venue with a suitable floor for dancing and sufficient room for the dancers
  • Set aside enough space for the band if there is no stage in the room – ensure there is a convenient power point
  • If it is in a marquee make sure that the dance floor and electric supply are safe
  • Will you have a bar or invite people to bring their own refreshments? Remember to tell the band if it is bring your own refreshments!
  • Provide the band with clear directions to the venue



All fairly obvious but worth checking through. Once you have discussed the detail with us we will check availability of band members, ring you back to confirm and send a booking confirmation to you

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