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Our Dances.

We draw largely from the social dance traditions of Scotland, Ireland and our native Cornwall but we also include dances from the Isle of Man, Wales and Brittany as well as wider Europe and America. Two of our most popular dances are the Newlyn Reel and the Cornish Serpent dance.These were the dances used for the Village dances in the BBC's Poldark series.

We can deliver everything from the “Yee Haa” barn dance to a Scottish Ceilidh with piper and can add a touch of Breton Fest Noz with bombard and binou (Breton shawm and bagpipes) if you want something that little bit different.  The dances from our native Cornwall are easy to learn, great fun and always go down well. Traditionally in Cornwall the term for a Barn dance is “Troyl”. It comes from the Cornish word for a whirl, spiral or a reel - a good description of barn dance!

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